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Range of Products & Services

Our range is designed to provide homes with proper, tested and reliable plants of various types. We only install and sell high-end home systems. At the same time, our prices are competitive and our team of advisers, fitters and quality-conscious staff work for your comfort and convenience at all times.

You cannot live in a house that has no water supply or is not heated. This is where we step in with our installations. We provide heating for each building. In buildings we heat the air and surfaces such as floors. A building heated with our systems is immune to low temperatures in every respect.
We also supply water to houses. Plumbing systems are the basic equipment of a building. Our company can also drain water from the building. Wherever water is needed in the home, we provide reliable and robust irrigation systems. They are rust-resistant, last a very long time and transport clean and healthy water.

It is also time to say goodbye to the myth of the dangers of gas systems. Our gas plants not only contribute to providing your home with gas in the desired location for the desired purpose, but are also completely safe and trouble-free. If there is just the need, contact us and we will equip your home with gas.

We also pay attention to the air quality in homes. Hence our ventilation and air conditioning portfolio. We offer systems that make even people with sophisticated needs feel great. We install air conditioning and ventilation in homes, which efficiently deals with the quality of the air inhaled. Say goodbye to the omnipresent smog and make your home an air pollution-free zone.

Additional services provided by our company include diamond core drilling. This type of drilling is carried out regardless of the type of surface, and with great accuracy and care. Diamond core drills can cope with any type of material. You can also rent professional machines and equipment for major and minor household jobs. The equipment rental department is also happy to advise on the best tools.


There is professionalism and experience on our side. Make use of our services.